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February Earthquake Awareness Month for our neighbors Missouri and Arkansas promotes preparedness. Check out Flash.org's QuakeSmart tips and video. Then Get Ready to Drop! Cover! Hold On!


Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency (TAEMA), jointly funded through City of Tulsa, Tulsa County and federal government, is responsible for the coordination of, preparing for, responding to, recovering from, and mitigation of major emergencies and disasters. TAEMA and local elected officials release the latest updates through the Public Information Officer.
Welcome, John Chau! John and Volunteer Tulsa have launched Points of Light's Community Emergency Preparedness Corps to help strengthen our community's disaster resiliency. Click for Tulsa CEPC brochure.
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Volunteering in Disaster

Thank you for your interest in helping your community recover from disasters and local emergencies. The BEST way you can help is REGISTER and be part of an organized effort that works in coordination with local emergency response officials.

Volunteers Help Meet Organizations' Needs in Disasters

Does your organization need help in recovering from disaster? How can volunteers support your organization in addressing these needs?

Volunteer Tulsa plays a special role in the greater Tulsa area every day and following an emergency or disaster by connecting volunteers with disaster-related needs of community-based organizations. Through our Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) you create volunteer opportunities that can be activated when your needs are greatest and when appropriate volunteers become available. This streamlines the public "call to action" and maximizes the messaging through broadcast, print, and social media.


Year-round, Volunteer Tulsa promotes preparedness and supports response and recovery efforts through organizing and managing spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers (SUVs) through the Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC). Volunteers register in a safe, secure and efficient manner to connect with disaster-related needs. Go ahead and do your own background check through Verified Volunteers as a first step to be ready to respond! Connect with Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps (OKMRC) and/or Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs).

Donate in Support of Disaster Recovery

Your financial charitable gift can provide for supplies, tools, food, drink, clothing, shelter and numerous other resources! Organizations like American Red Cross and The Salvation Army are on the ground assisting those most impacted in disaster.

Choose reputable organizations or watch for details of other organizations you might support.
Additionally, donations of supplies such as food, water, school and personal items, diapers, formula, pet food/litter, work gloves, face masks, liquid sanitizer, etc. are being collected all over the nation.


Support Volunteer Tulsa

Volunteer Tulsa is committed to helping residents be ready for emergencies and coordinating volunteers safely and effectively following disasters. We are a part of the solution to seeing residents and our community get back on its feet and active as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We welcome and appreciate your charitable gifts, as well as your volunteer support, for our EVC and other preparedness programs.

Additional information


Volunteer Tulsa's Emergency Volunteer Center is central to the greater Tulsa community's response to local emergencies and disasters publicizing the role of volunteer leadership and service. Contact Volunteer Tulsa for guidelines.


Volunteer Tulsa's role is the coordination and mobilization of spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers (SUVs) in the greater Tulsa area, in partnership with TAEMA and other Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) as a member of Oklahoma VOAD. For non-volunteer-related needs or questions, please dial 2-1-1 or contact the Mayor's Customer Care Center.