About Membership

Our goal is to successfully connect you to the community organizations that have identified their volunteer needs. You can learn a new skill, make new contacts, and meet new friends all while helping make Tulsa a stronger community.


Once you register, schedule your personal Volunteerism 101 when we will walk through your passions and interests and help you search for and connect with volunteer opportunities that are right for you!

  • Easy sign-up for projects that meet your time, skills, and talents
  • Project details communicated immediately to you by e-mail, including directions to the location
  • Receive a reminder e-mail before your project
  • Easy access to your own volunteer history and records for school/college, employer, or court
  • At any time you can modify your personal information including contact information, skills, and interests
Registering as a volunteer to become a member of Volunteer Tulsa is free and takes about 15 minutes.
Verified Volunteers lets volunteers "own" your own background check required for many service opportunities. Click to start your own Volunteer Fast Pass, create your personal VV account, and select "Get Verified" and enter this Good Deed Code: yglvjw9. Call VV, 855.326.1860, with questions.


Supporting community organizations and connecting volunteers takes the efforts of many individuals, groups and organizations every day. Monetary donations allow us to continue battering our community and equipping volunteers with the tools and resource you need to serve.

Every $1 invested in Volunteer Tulsa results in a $20.63 return to the community. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to support and encourage volunteerism to help Tulsa be the best place to live, work, play, and serve.